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Autumn Berries

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Brrrr chilly mornings. The berries are out: plump blackberries beginning to turn and inky sloes with a foggy blue blur.

Our distillers, Reeba, Gill and Lisa would be delighted to turn bags of your hand picked sloes into a warming Sloe Gin in time for Christmas. We'll give you a free drink in our charming cocktail bar as a reward for your foraging efforts.

Since we have a new cocktail menu for September, how about a Dancing Bramble?

We fill an old fashioned glass with crushed ice and pour in 50ml Dancing Dragontail Summer Gin, the juice of half a lemon and 15ml of vanilla syrup, stir and pour crème de mûre in a swirling motion to make it look pretty. Garnish with plump blackberries. Perfect!

The Dancing Bramble is definitely a cocktail for the end of summer, when that big yellow ball hangs lower in the sky and the blackberries are readily available to be plucked from the bush and dolloped into your glass.

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