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Making Dorking's Coronation Cocktail

A classic refreshing long drink made with gin, elderflower, lemon juice and prosecco.

I was invited to develop a cocktail for the King's Coronation to be consumed over the bank holiday weekend in the bars and homes of Dorking. We researched Charles' favourite gin serves and found that he's fond of a classic martini, however to make a great martini you really need a Japanese mixing glass, something that not all pubs or homes would have to hand. The cocktail had to be fast and easy to make, not requiring highly trained cocktail bartenders or expensive equipment, so we opted for a simple pour-over-ice cocktail. We wanted a clean refreshing drink with a floral hint in recognition of His Majesty's custom of talking to plants. The cocktail also needed an element of opulence and finesse.

The best cocktail I've had in ages. –Jacqui Hamlin

Time was running out and I was under pressure to develop the cocktail. I enlisted the help of my trusted cocktail enthusiast friend Sofia. While driving down the M1 after the Easter holidays, I was giving Sofia suggestions for ingredients, glasses and ice and she was in the Gin Kitchen's cocktail bar, trying out ideas. Her creation was ready to taste two hours later when I arrived and was just what I needed after a long drive. The opulence came from the rich and smooth Insane Ostrich Classic Gin and the finesse from prosecco.

God Save The King! - Dorking's Coronation Cocktail


  • 50 ml Insane Ostrich Classic Gin

  • 25 ml elderflower cordial

  • juice of ½ lemon, or 15 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice

  • Prosecco


  1. Fill a rocks glass or highball with cubed ice.

  2. Add a lemon wedge.

  3. Pour in the gin, followed by the elderflower and lemon juice.

  4. Top with prosecco to taste.

  5. Add a straw.

  6. Make a toast to the King.

You can taste the cocktail at the Gin Kitchen throughout May and also at participating pubs in Dorking. Or you can buy the ingredients to make it at home. Please tell us what you think of it.

If you don't have prosecco, you can make the variant we call the Camilla, which uses lemonade instead of the squeezed lemon and the prosecco.

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