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Crystal Copa de Balon Gin Glass featuring the Gin Kitchen logo
  • Crystal Copa de Balon Gin Glass featuring the Gin Kitchen logo

    SKU: GKG

    A good quality crystal glass is essential to getting the most out of a gin and tonic. This is designed to hold the freshly-released aromas of our Gutsy Monkey, Blushing Monkey and Dancing Dragontail gins.


    Made from lead-free crystal, this stunning stemware features a high level of clarity for accentuating your drink. An elegant pulled stem gives an organic flowing profile to this gin balloon that creates a natural vessel for gin mixers. Finished with a polished rim, this balloon stem makes it perfect for experiencing Gin Kitchen G&Ts by aiding the route of the gin on to the palate.


    Care instructions


    Washing Crystal Glasses

    All our crystal glassware is dishwasher safe, but we always recommend hand washing to increase the lifespan of your crystal. This is particularly important with crystal glass which has greater clarity than normal glass. This high level of transparency is beneficial to drink tastings. Colour is a judging factor of wine and whisky, hence a clearer glass gives a more accurate representation of the contents. Always wash new glasses before first use.


    Washing By Hand

    Wash each glass separately by hand

    Soak glasses individually to avoid mechanical shock

    Use warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth


    Washing in a Dishwasher

    Use a dedicated machine for glassware

    Set a low temperature on your glasswasher

    Use a dedicated glass rack; never use a flatware rack or plate rack

    Keep rinse aid topped up


    Drying Glassware

    Air dry glasses crystal glasses - drying cloths can spread grease and dirt and germs

    Leave glasses in an upturned position

    Use a soft dry glass cloth to remove water marks - this retains the clarity of glassware


    Follow these simple tips to clean crystal glasses and see your glassware last even longer.


    Key Information

    Capacity 65cl

    Lead-free crystal

    Dishwasher safe

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