Individually hand-painted by artist Jan Erika, each bottle is unique and a signed work of art.

The bottles contain any of our gin range and are available ready to buy, or personalised to order.


We will contact you after the order is placed to discuss the artwork, or feel free to contact us in advance if you have something specific in mind.


About The Artist

Jan Erika is a multi-media artist with more than one string to her bow  -  her cello bow. Yes, she is a classically trained cellist who has enjoyed a successful career in the concert halls, and later teaching music. You can hear her on Stone Foundation's new releases next year.


Her childhood on the east coast of England, in a family thoroughly in-tune with the beauty of nature and the outdoors, sowed the seeds of her passion for shape, form, pattern and colour. She developed a love of what she calls 'the rhythm of the landscape', and this is reflected in much of her work.


After a long break to raise her family, Jan Erika found herself drawn back to her original passion - art, this time exploring colour, pattern and shape, always hearing that 'rhythm' as she worked.


"I often begin with an actual flower or plant, then let the inner rhythm take me where it will.  There is a strong relationship between music, nature and my work. It is totally absorbing, whether I am creating a painting for Paul Weller's home, a silk scarf, rug design or even a range of tableware for Juliska USA.    My passion for colour has taken me to paint live in Fortnum and Mason ( first ever live in-house artist ), The Royal Academy of Art and Kensington Palace this October 2019."

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