Lavendelicious is a liqueur delicately accented with hand-picked lavender from the Surrey Hills.


It all started when one of our mixologists wanted some lavender syrup for a cocktail evening, but we couldn't get hold of any in time. So we picked some lavender from a garden in Dorking and distilled it, added a little sugar, but kept the strength relatively high at around 30% so that it didn't dilute the cocktails too much. We then found that it tasted rather good neat, especially as an accompaniment for desserts and cakes or as a night cap.


The Gin Kitchen team was asked to come up with names as "English Lavender Liqueur" was a bit boring. Gaynor, suggested Lavendelicious, which we later decided sounded like it should be her exotic dancer name, so when we designed the label, we modelled the fairy on Gaynor's alter ego.


Lavendelicious is a liqueur made by gently distilling hand-picked English lavender, from the gardens of the Surrey Hills (now with the owners' permission). It's very delicately fragranced; one head of a lavender plant is enough for 50 bottles. It's also very smooth.


We love it neat with cake, but also in cocktails.


Key Information

31% vol.

50 cl

Sugar content 200g/l 




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