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Indoor or outdoor tables with a fire bowl, blankets and heaters. In tier 2, alcohol can only be served when accompanied with food.

Main Courses

On Saturday evenings we will serve our guest street food to your table. The rest of the time we offer hearty mountain food, prepared by a local Cordon Bleu chef.

Chilli con Carne £10

Served with sour cream and tortillas.

Vegan Chilli £10

Served with tortillas.


Woodcock £6
Gusty Monkey Winter Gin, hot apple and pear juice, stirred with a cinnamon stick.


Tipsy Hot Chocolate £6

Resurrection Rum with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Moscow Monkey £6

Gusty Monkey Winter Gin, a squeeze of lime, ginger beer.

White Squirrel £10

Resurrection Rum, Kahlua, toffee nut syrup, milk, grated chocolate.

Cat’s Pyjamas £10

The Ginger Cat Gin, Cointreau, freshly squeezed orange juice, gingerbread syrup, ginger beer.

Singapore Sling £10

Dancing Dragontail Summer Gin, cherry brandy, Benedictine, Cointreau, lime, pineapple juice, Angostura bitters.

Ginger Cat Negroni £10

Ginger Cat Gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters, chocolate bitters.


Served with tonic, lemonade or ginger beer, 25ml singles are £6 and 50ml doubles £9. All of our gins are 48% vol..

The Ginger Cat Gin

Silky smooth, delicately spiced, vibrant and opulent. This gin created by Reeba, our Head Distiller is made with tonka beans, Iranian orange flower and orange zest.

Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin
Full-bodied rich and smooth with subtle citrus and complex aromatic highlights.

EX46 Gin
Our take on a classic dry gin, made with lemon and lime zest, coriander seeds, angelica and orris roots. It has a classic gin taste with the vibrant and rich character of a Gin Kitchen Gin.

Dancing Dragontail Summer Gin
A wonderfully refreshing floral gin with a kick of aromatic green cardamom and uplifting citrus notes from pink grapefruit.

Blushing Monkey Pink Gin
A juniper-led but gorgeously floral colour-changing gin with a delightful sweet, but not too sweet fruity twist.


Resurrection Rum - White Edition £6

A voluptuous white spiced rum. Rich, smooth and complex. It’s double distilled here at The Gin Kitchen using molasses from Guyana. Served with cola, ginger beer, pineapple juice, soda or simply neat. Single 25ml. Double 50ml £9. 40% vol.


Resurrection Rum - Aged Edition £8

Unique smooth, rich, delicate and slightly sweet with hints of raisin, coffee, vanilla, biscuits and a deep caramel edge which gives way to the unique signature of the Surrey oak in which it is matured. Enjoy neat. Single 25ml 40% vol.



Eternal Absinthe £6

A contemporary combination of green anise, wormwood and fennel, with the addition of rose petals for a delicate finish. Served with an absinthe fountain and sugar cube.  69% vol.



Goldenlands Sunset £5

Passion fruit puree, Elderflower cordial, Pineapple juice, Ginger beer.

Virgin Sling £5

Passionfruit, Guava juice, Grenadine.

Wines, Beers & Other Drinks

Artigianale Prosecco £6 / £26

A brut spumante using Glera grapes from Treviso, Italy and classic fermentation techniques.


Pilgrim Progress Ale £5

Pilgrim Brewery’s flagship bitter from Reigate, first brewed in 1982. 4.0% vol.

Tea £2

A selection of teas including Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Assam, Lapsang Souchong, Jasmine Green tea.


A selection of coffees including espresso, americano £2; cappuccino, flat white, latte £2.50.

Soft Drinks £2

Cola, lemonade, rose lemonade, ginger beer, pineapple juice, guava juice.


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