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The Gin Kitchen & The Ruby Supper Club

An exceptional afternoon of Anglo-Indian food with cocktails or straight Gin & Tonics.

About this event

Enjoy this special collaboration with The Ruby Supper Club. Experience a set menu of 4 courses of Anglo-Indian food combined with a combination of Gin and Tonics or Cocktail to accompany each course.

A col


14th October from 7-10pm


Tickets cost £100 including booking fee and we can accommodate a maximum of 30 people on the night. Tickets stop being sold at midnight on the 11th of October.

The Gin Kitchen and The Ruby Supper Club

Dietary Requirements

If a member of your group has any dietary requirements please contact us on at least one week before the event and we will gladly accommodate them. We have a zero food-waste kitchen and so cannot accommodate dietary requirements on the day.

COVID Restrictions

COVID restrictions may apply at the time of the event, including checking in requirements and limits on group size. We have a large fire pit, soft fluffy blankets and overhead cover for outside seating.

Age Verification

If there’s any chance you look younger than 25 please bring a passport, driving licence or a card with a PASS hologram. Photographs of ID on a phone are not acceptable. If you don't have ID and you look younger than 25 we cannot provide a refund. We can arrange soft drinks for non-drinkers.

Terms and Conditions

Minimum booking for 2 guests, maximum of 30. All guests at a table must be participating however soft drinks are available for those not drinking. We cannot provide refunds within 7 days of the event unless you have to self-isolate or the event is otherwise disrupted due to COVID-19.

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