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Here at the Gin Kitchen, it’s not just our heritage farm buildings that have character. Every one of our passionate team is full of creativity, inspiration and vibrancy that makes each visit to the Gin Kitchen an experience to remember.

Whilst we may be a female-led business, with extraordinary pioneering women at our heart, we are very grateful to also have some exceptional men playing a vital role. Take Henry, one of our remarkable Tour Guides. A Sea Captain with Scottish heritage, Henry delights in sharing the intricacies of our gin-making and the complexities of our products with those taking our Gin Tasting Experience and Distillery Tour.

As one of our experienced guides, Henry takes guests on a journey through the story of the business, the development of our luxury gins, the aromatic botanicals sourced from around the world and the artistry that goes into each and every bottle – all whilst tasting the full range of our sumptuous gins.

Henry then leads guests on a tour of the working side of our artisan distillery, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the magic that makes our handcrafted spirits.

Gin Tasting and Distillery Tour

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