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Mother's Day Bottomless Brunch

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Based in the beautiful Surrey Hills, an ideal location to treat your mum this Mother's Day. We are now taking bookings for Bottomless Brunch on Mothers Day 27th March.

Our Bottomless Brunch Mother's Day Menu


The Gin Kitchen’s Mother's Day Bottomless Brunch includes unlimited* gin and tonic for two hours starting at the time of your booking. We will take your orders from the table and will endeavour to be attentive but feel free to grab our attention if your glass needs refilling.

  • Granola - Greek yogurt, seasonal compote, home made gluten free granola. Pairs with Blushing Monkey Pink Gin.

  • Gravlax - Beetroot cured salmon gravlax - with horseradish cream, Cucumber and dill pickle accompanied with toasted rye bread. Pairs with Dancing Dragontail.

  • Omelette - Spanish potatoes - with red pepper omelette. Smashed avocado and cherry tomato. Insane Ostrich is recommended with this course.

  • Charcuterie - Charcuterie meat and cheese board - with seasonal fruit chutney, grapes and crackers. Gutsy Monkey pairs well with the truffled cheddar.

  • Pastries - Selection of freshly baked bakery goodies - served with a selection of condiments. We recommend The Ginger Cat Gin.


Served with tonic, lemonade or ginger beer, 25ml. All of our gins are 48% vol.

  • Blushing Monkey Pink Gin - A juniper-led but gorgeously floral colour-changing gin with a delightful sweet, but not too sweet fruity twist.

  • Dancing Dragontail Summer Gin - A wonderfully refreshing floral gin with a kick of aromatic green cardamom and uplifting citrus notes from pink grapefruit.

  • Insane Ostrich Gin - Our take on a classic dry gin, made with lemon and lime zest, coriander seeds, angelica and orris roots. It has a classic gin taste with the vibrant and rich character of a Gin Kitchen Gin.

  • Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin - Full-bodied rich and smooth with subtle citrus and complex aromatic highlights.

  • The Ginger Cat Gin - Silky smooth, delicately spiced, vibrant and opulent. This gin created by Reeba, our Head Distiller is made with tonka beans, Iranian orange flower and orange zest.

Mother's Day Bottomless Brunch 2022

* To operate within the terms of our premises licence we will stop serving alcohol to any guests who are drunk or disorderly. You cannot drink so much alcohol that the price per drink becomes lower than the permitted price as stated in our premises licence, currently 117 gin and tonics. All guests at a table must be participating however soft drinks are available for those not drinking. Takeaway drinks are not included in the brunch and we will only bring out one drink at a time per guest.

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