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The Ginger Cat Crystal Glass With Box
  • The Ginger Cat Crystal Glass With Box


    Sleek curved lead-free crystal highball glass featuring the Ginger Cat artwork.


    This glass has been crafted to enhance the experience of tasting The Ginger Cat Gin, with its subtle nose.


    Product Features

    - Lead-free crystal – FDA approved glass with no toxic additives

    - Thermal shock resistance

    - Mechanical shock resistance

    - Cut and polished rim for finer tasting

    - High transparency to accentuate the colour of the contents

    - Dishwasher safe

    • The Ginger Cat Gin

      The Ginger Cat Gin was created in 2019 by Reeba, our Head Distiller. 


      - Nose: Lightly spiced hot-cross bun.

      - Palate: Silky smooth, delicately spiced, vibrant and opulent.

      - Finish: Cinnamon, tonka fragrance.


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