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Absinthe Tasting Experience

With a rich history associated with debauchery and crime, absinthe was famously banned in many countries around the world in the early 20th century. Following a more recent revival, this intriguing spirit today forms part of the Gin Kitchen collection, macerated with rose petals to offer a floral finish and the hue of rosé wine.

The Absinthe Tasting Experience tempts those with a taste for this mysterious elixir to discover more about the world of absinthe and the processes followed to create its complex palate. First, taste it neat to understand its strength and smoothness and then served traditionally using ice water from the absinthe fountain. Finally, enjoy the Eternal Absinthe as a cocktail, such as the Corpse Reviver 69, sipped whilst taking a tour of the distillery and learning more about the steps taken to handcraft this enigmatic spirit.

Absinthe Tasting Experience

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