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Absinthe Tasting Experience in the Surrey Hills

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Our absinthe tasting experience is a unique and intriguing experience. This famously banned drink due to its perceived link to crime and debauchery throughout history has had a modern revival. Our Eternal Absinthe is made on site in our distillery along with our other luxury spirits. Our distillery is set in heritage buildings, on a farmyard in the Surrey Hills and makes for a beautiful location for your absinthe tasting experience.

Click on the links to take you to what you're interested in. We hope to see you at our absinthe tasting experience soon!

About our Absinthe Tasting Experience


Our host will welcome you and introduce you to the exciting world of absinthe. 

First, tasting it neat - to get a feel for how strong it is but also the complex palate and smoothness.

Next the traditional serve with an absinthe fountain and contrary to what one might think, is not for dispensing absinthe, but rather for dispensing ice water.  Absinthe is rarely drunk neat, and an absinthe fountain is an accessory used to deliver the required amount of ice-cold water into a glass of the high-proof drink. This alters the palate and brings out different flavours.

Finally, an absinthe cocktail will be made for you to try like the Corpse Reviver 69.  

Sip your cocktail during a tour of the working side of our distillery where we'll talk you through the processes we follow to create our absinthe.

The event itself will last 1.5-2 hours, the bar will remain open if you fancy having another drink or two.​

All guests will also receive an Eternal Absinthe poster..

Please note: It is not recommended to smoke or operate machinery after drinking absinthe and we will not permit guests to drive away at the end of a session so please arrange transport, or leave your car overnight.


About our Absinthe

Our Eternal Absinthe is a contemporary combination of green anise, wormwood and fennel, with the addition of rose petals for a moreish elixir, the colour of rosé wine” instead of the usual bright green. It is gently distilled in a small traditional copper pot still and macerated with rose petals for 24 hours.

A revival of an 18th century style of absinthe using rose petals giving a delicate floral finish. The porcelain bottle is decorated with tattoo art by Ruth Ormsby-Ashworth.

Colour: Amber
Nose: Aniseed
Palate: Candied aniseed leads with a fragrant floral backdrop.
Finish: Delicate rose and attention-grabbing aniseed.


Upgrade your Absinthe Tasting Experience with Food

After your absinthe tasting, there is the opportunity to stay and join us in the cocktail bar for cocktails and street food or bar snacks.  Ask for a table reservation when booking by telephone.


Location of our Absinthe Tasting Experience in Surrey

We are based in the Surrey Hills in the beautiful countryside on a farm setting.  The nearest town is Dorking and the train station is only 2 miles away with a 5 minute taxi journey.

The Gin Kitchen

Goldenlands Farm

Punchbowl Lane




United Kingdom

Parking is available.

Opening times

Days & Times

Our next absinthe tasting experiences is on 30th April from 7-9pm.

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Cost & Reservations for our Absinthe Tasting Experience

Our absinthe tasting experience costs £25 per person with a minimum of 2 guests and maximum of 20. Tickets need to be purchased in advance. 


We look forward to welcoming to our absinthe tasting experience in the Surrey HIlls. Please book by calling Tel. 01306 889598. 

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