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Bunker Bar

Dorking is well known for its many underground structures, and last year while installing an electrical cable we discovered one of them underneath the Gin Kitchen.

Kate had been working hard to restore what we believe to be a former Local Government HQ and make use of it as an underground nightclub to compliment the cocktail bar.

"Given the current world situation we wanted to ensure we had a safe environment for our friends and selected guests to drink cocktails and dance," said Kate

"I've always preferred the underground music scene" said Helen.

Known as the bunker bar, we fitted it out with lighting and high end speakers by Funktion One (who are just down the road).

Kate has also been working on our Nuclear Business Continuity Plan, and has developed a distillation technique for removing contamination by Strontium 90 and Cesium 137 to make the finest decontaminated gin on the planet.

"Fortunately most radioactive material has a boiling point higher than alcohol, so by shielding the pot stills we can continue to distil spirits safely into the apocalypse."

Bunker Bar entrance

Bunker Bar staircase

Bunker Bar

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