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Chill Gill

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

The Chill Gill was made in honour of Gill, one of our distillers, who worked extremely hard during the lock-down to increase gin production to Christmas-levels, all on her own. After the lock-down she took a break and came back looking seriously chilled. The cocktail incorporates one of her favourite gins, Lovely Lingfield, which is made from botanicals foraged from the racecourse, including grass from the racetrack.

Glass: High ball glass

Garnish: Twist of lime zest


  • 25ml Lovely Lingfield Gin

  • Squeeze of lime juice

  • 15ml Dry vermouth

  • 15ml Sugar syrup

  • 50ml Pear juice

  • Soda

Recipe: Build over cubed ice and top with soda.

Invented by: Kate Gregory

Chill Gill cocktail at the Gin Kitchen

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