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Smoking Gutsy Negroni

We recommend sipping Gutsy Monkey neat by an open log fire, so here is how you can create your own fireside in a whiskey glass! WARNING: You will need a smoke gun or a trained mixologist to create this serve, but it is worth it! You'll also need to make your own Gutsy Negroni grapefruit barbecue bitters by replacing a third of a bottle of grapefruit bitters with a good quality barbecue sauce. Shake it vigorously and it's ready to use! The smoky heat and citrus zing from this serve is like defrosting in front of a warm hearth after a wintry walk on a cold day, but in your mouth! Stunning and Helen and Kate's absolute favourite. Glass Whiskey glass Garnish Wedge of fresh grapefruit Ingredients

  • 25ml Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin

  • 25ml Campari

  • 25ml Red Vermouth (Punt e Mes)

  • 3 splashes of Gutsy Negroni grapefruit barbecue bitters

Recipe Stir all of the ingredients in a mixing glass together with a big squeeze of grapefruit. Use a smoke gun to infuse your negroni and cover the mixing glass with a napkin to retain the smoke. Wait for about 10 seconds. Fill a whiskey glass with ice to the top and swirl it until the glass is nice and chilled. Re-fill the glass full of fresh ice, top up with your smoke infused Gutsy Negroni and garnish with a wedge of fresh grapefruit.

Invented by Alberto


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