A contemporary combination of green anise, wormwood and fennel, with the addition of rose petals for a moreish elixir, the colour of rosé wine” instead of the usual bright green. 


Ingredients: green aniseed, fennel seeds, grand wormwood, red rose petals, licorice, immortelle, calmus root, melissa, elecampane, sage, nutmeg, peppermint, galangal, orange zest, organic grain spirit


Colour: amber

Nose: aniseed

Palate: candied aniseed leads with a fragrant floral backdrop.

Finish: delicate rose and attention-grabbing aniseed.


A revival of an 18th century style of absinthe using rose petals giving a delicate floral finish. The porcelain bottle is decorated with tattoo art by Ruth Ormsby-Ashworth.


Gently distilled in a small traditional copper pot still and macerated with rose petals for 24 hours.


Serve in a traditional absinthe glass, with ice water dripped from an absinthe fountain with or without a sugar cube. Or with rose lemonade and an ice cube.


Key information

69% vol.


Thujone concentration 3 mg/l 

EAN 5060518360046

Eternal Absinthe



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