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Eternal Absinthe
  • Eternal Absinthe

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    A contemporary combination of green anise, wormwood and fennel, with the addition of rose petals for a moreish elixir, the colour of rosé wine” instead of the usual bright green. 


    A revival of an 18th century style of absinthe using rose petals giving a delicate floral finish. The porcelain bottle is decorated with tattoo art by Ruth Ormsby-Ashworth.


    Colour: Amber

    Nose: Aniseed

    Palate: Candied aniseed leads with a fragrant floral backdrop.

    Finish: Delicate rose and attention-grabbing aniseed.


    Gently distilled in a small traditional copper pot still and macerated with rose petals for 24 hours.


    How to serve

    Serve in a traditional absinthe glass, with ice water dripped from an absinthe fountain with or without a sugar cube. Or with rose lemonade and an ice cube.



    Green aniseed, fennel seeds, grand wormwood, red rose petals, licorice, immortelle, calmus root, melissa, elecampane, sage, nutmeg, peppermint, galangal, orange zest, grain spirit


    Key information

    69% vol.


    Thujone concentration 3 mg/l 

    EAN 5060518360046

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