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The Ginger Cat House Rescue

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About The Ginger Cat House Rescue

They rescue and re-home cats around the Epsom, Surrey area. They take pregnant cats, abandoned cats, stray cats, abused cats and any cat who needs them. They are totally self funded and rely on the generosity of followers to help feed and look after the cats. Vets bills are met with donations from the public. The rescue has a no kill policy, they never euthanise any cat unless it is suffering beyond hope. They try to help owners as well as their animals and offer support and advice to anyone needing help.  


The Ginger Cat House Rescue really is a very special place: a cat sanctuary.

Do you need to re-home your cat?

The GCHR appreciate how difficult it is to be in a position where you need to re-home your cat. They offer no judgement on a persons circumstances and can offer a range of options if you need assistance with re-homing your cat.


They offer direct adoption which means the cat stays in your home and they recommend adopters which are home checked with them for your cat. You are heavily involved in the process and can help make the decision on who your cat is adopted by.


They also offer the option to admit the cat into their rescue in cases where you are unable to facilitate a direct adoption. This means they will assess the cat and choose the family which best meets the needs of them.


In extreme circumstances they also offer temporary boarding.


Please contact them for more information or to discuss re-homing your cat.

Do you want to adopt a cat?

Their rescue policy is no main roads, if you live on or near a busy road they will not approve your application. This may seem harsh but too many cats are in RTA's and they need to minimise any risk. They may consider you for an indoor cat if you are serious about keeping the cat indoors.

They have an age limit for adopting, no babies under 9 months and upper age limit of 80. 

They will not look at any home check without photos - pics of garden and living space to prove it's safe for a cat.

Once your home check is approved, you'll be on the waiting list and can apply to be shortlisted. You cannot reserve a cat, and they invite the right person for each one to come and view. 

You need to live within 50 miles of the rescue in Worcester Park, Surrey to be able to adopt a cat or kitten from them also.

To complete your home check, please download and then fill in the Adoption Application Form and email it to:

Contact The Ginger Cat House Rescue 

The Ginger Cat House Rescue is based in Worcester Park, Surrey. Contact them to learn more about their work and how you can get involved.


For general enquiries, please contact us via our email: 


For urgent messages it is best to send them through Facebook PM as it is constantly monitored by the team. 




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