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Bottomless Brunch in Surrey

Our gin based bottomless brunch is one of the best in Surrey. That's because we're a distillery and make all our own luxury spirits on site. Our distillery is set in heritage buildings, on a farmyard in the Surrey Hills and makes for a beautiful location for your unlimited* gin brunch.

Click on the links below to take you to what you're interested in. We hope to see you at our bottomless brunch soon!

About our Bottomless Brunch

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Our bottomless brunch in the Surrey Hills is not just a brunch but more of an experience.  On arrival, you will be given your first G&T.  Your host will then let you know more about the botanicals we carefully source from around the globe to make each of our gins. They will share with you our story, product development, how the business has grown.

The fabulous Gin Kitchen bottomless brunch comprises five platters, each one paired with a different gin, and whilst you are eating, your next G&T will be prepared and served swiftly. Again, the host will explain more about this gin and the others that follow.

All our gins are paired with the five platters perfectly, 


By the end you will have tried all five of our vibrant and characterful gins, if you want to go at a faster rate you can always ask for more!


Drinks in our Bottomless Brunch


Served with tonic, lemonade or ginger beer, 25ml. All of our gins are 48% vol..

  • Blushing Monkey Pink Gin

- A juniper-led but gorgeously floral colour-changing gin with a delightful sweet, but not too sweet fruity twist

  • Dancing Dragontail Summer Gin

- A wonderfully refreshing floral gin with a kick of aromatic green cardamom and uplifting citrus notes from pink grapefruit.

  • Insane Ostrich Gin

- Our take on a classic dry gin, made with lemon and lime zest, coriander seeds, angelica and orris roots. It has a classic gin taste with the vibrant and rich character of a Gin Kitchen Gin.

  • Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin

- Full-bodied rich and smooth with subtle citrus and complex aromatic highlights.​​

  • The Ginger Cat Gin

- Silky smooth, delicately spiced, vibrant and opulent. This gin created by Reeba, our Head Distiller is made with tonka beans, Iranian orange flower and orange zest.




  • Goldenlands Sunset

- Passion fruit puree, Elderflower cordial, Pineapple juice, Ginger beer.

  • ​Virgin Sling

- Passionfruit, Guava juice, Grenadine.

Other drinks

  • Tea

- A selection of teas including Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Assam, Lapsang Souchong, Jasmine Green tea.​

  • Coffee

- A selection of coffees including espresso, macchiato, americano; cappuccino, flat white, latte, latte macchiato, iced latte.​

  • Soft Drinks

- Cola, lemonade, rose lemonade, ginger beer, pineapple juice, guava juice.


Brunch Menu

The fabulous Gin Kitchen bottomless brunch comprises five platters, each one paired with a different gin.

  • Granola - Greek yogurt, seasonal berry compote and home made gluten free granola. Pairs with Blushing Monkey Pink Gin.

  • Gravlax - Beetroot Cured salmon with dill, juniper and lemon, pickled vegetables with horseradish cream on a blini . Pairs with Dancing Dragontail.

  • Smokey beans - Cannelloni beans are slowly baked in a smokey tomato paprika sauce and topped with spinach.  Served with toasted sourdough bread.  Insane Ostrich is recommended with this course.

  • Charcuterie - Selection of continental meats, local cheeses, chutney and crackers. Gutsy Monkey pairs well with the truffled cheddar.

  • Pastries - Freshly baked croissants served with strawberry jam and warm Belgian waffles with maple syrup. We recommend The Ginger Cat Gin.

Vegan Bottomless Brunch - needs reserving one week in advance

  1. Granola - Soya yogurt, seasonal berry compote and home made gluten free granola. Pairs with Blushing Monkey Pink Gin. 

  2. Falafel - Sweet potato and beetroot falafel with red pepper dip. Pairs with Dancing Dragontail.

  3. Smokey beans without egg - Cannelloni beans are slowly baked in a smokey paprika sauce. Topped with spinach. Served with toasted sourdough bread.  Insane Ostrich is recommended with this course.

  4. Charcuterie Vegan meats and soya cheeses. Gutsy Monkey pairs well with this course.

  5. Pastries Vegan croissants and waffles. We recommend The Ginger Cat Gin.

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Location of our Bottomless Brunch in Surrey

We are based in the Surrey Hills in the beautiful countryside on a farm setting.  The nearest town is Dorking and the train station is only 2 mile away with a 5 minute taxi journey.

The Gin Kitchen

Goldenlands Farm

Punchbowl Lane




United Kingdom

Parking is available.

Opening times

Days & Times

Our bottomless brunch is on various Saturday or Sundays from 11-1pm.

Please check our Gin Experiences Calendar to check dates for our Bottomless Brunch.

Reviews our our Bottomless Brunch in the Surrey Hills

Read a few of our marvelous guest reviews about our bottomless brunch in Surrey below. You can see more guest reviews on our Google Reviews listing and you can even add your own review.

"Totally recommend the Gin Kitchen. Had a fab bottomless gin brunch with amazing food and tasted each of the gins that are distilled on site including Ginger Cat Gin. Beautiful location, good music, great fun and really good value."


"Just finished a beautiful bottomless brunch at The Gin Kitchen. I can easily say this is one of the nicest/worth the money brunches I’ve done. Set in a beautiful barn off the main kitchens, the setting was beautiful with lots of twinkling lights and awesome chill out vibe music. As you go along the gin is paired with each brunch option and the quality of the food is brill! I ended up taking a bottle of the blushing monkey gin home with me. 100% recommend! Also they have a cute ginger cat."


"Fantastic gins that even a non-gin lover can enjoy! Really enjoyed the brunch as got to try all of the gins. If you're not a gin and tonic fan I highly recommend trying gin and pink lemonade! I just may have been converted..."


Gin experiences

Other Gin Experiences at our Distillery

Apart from bottomless brunch, we also offer at our distillery in the Surrey Hills:

Please check out gin experiences calendar for dates and times of current experiences for the next few months.

You can also buy a Golden Ticket - Gin Experience Gift Voucher as a present for yourself or someone else.


Find out more about all our gin experiences by clicking on the link below. 


Cost & Reservations for our Bottomless Brunch

Our bottomless brunch costs £55 (includes +10% service charge) per person with a minimum of 2 guests and maximum of 30. Tickets need to be purchased in advance. 


We look forward to welcoming to our bottomless brunch in the Surrey HIlls. 

*  To operate within the terms of our premises licence we will stop serving alcohol to any guests who are drunk or disorderly. You cannot drink so much alcohol that the price per drink becomes lower than the permitted price as stated in our premises licence, currently 117 gin and tonics.  All guests at a table must be participating however soft drinks are available for those not drinking. Takeaway drinks are not included in the brunch and we will only bring out one drink at a time per guest.

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