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Stop the Spread - Gin Kitchen Hand Rub Now Available

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

We've joined other distillers around the world turning our talent to making alcohol handrub to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Stop the Spread - Gin Kitchen Hand Rub Now Available

Following requests from care workers, hospitals and our customers, we petitioned HMRC for permission to use our alcohol to make the hand rub formulation recommended by the World Health Organisation. HMRC have now granted all licenced distilleries this permission. Our handrub is based on the WHO-recommended formulation. It contains 80% ethanol, an emollient to protect skin against dryness and dermatitis and of course a hint of our botanicals to give clean hands a delicate fragrance. The price just covers our costs. Our hand rub is available in 150ml bottles and soon 500ml refills. It can be ordered online or from our distillery shop, which is currently open in accordance with government guidelines. Contact for more information and for healthcare and business orders. For external use only; not for consumption.

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