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Espresso Martini

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

This smiley face just appeared in Kate's Espresso Martini. We couldn't decide which of our spirits works best in an Espresso Martini, so we decided to try them all. It turned out we all like a different one Kate likes the exotic cardamom highlight when it's made with Dancing Dragontail, Reeba our head distiller prefers the rich tonka from Ginger Cat and we all love it with Resurrection Rum. So we decided to make an Espresso Martini Menu for the distillery cocktail bar so guests can choose their favourite.

  • 50ml any Gin Kitchen gin or rum

  • 25ml Kahlua

  • Espresso shot

  • 15ml Vanilla syrup

Hard shake and serve in a chilled Martini glass with coffee beans for eyes and a smile.

What's your favourite Gin Kitchen Espresso Martini?

Smiley face in Kate's Espresso Martini

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